To create theatre that is relevant to our time and place. We do this through full exploration and integration of different theatre styles, based on a minimalist approach that strives to strip out all superfluous elements of a show and focus on the heart of a story. Most importantly, we have fun with it.

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    Below you can find information on previous seasons, as well as the growing Copyright-Free Archive - a list of plays that are free of any royalties, ready to be performed by any theatre, as well as thoughts from our sometimes amusing, sometimes vulgar, often interesting Managing Director Bohrs Hoff.

Bacchanalia! 2016: New Play Readings Festival

Blunt Objects Theatre is proud to announce that we are now accepting entries for the return of our “Bacchanalia!” New Play Readings Festival, coming to New Orleans for 2016. All submissions are due by January 15, 2016.  They must adhere to the theme “This is not the future I was promised.”  Lament about your lack … Continue reading


Best and Worst of William Shakespeare

As we restructure the company, prepping for an exciting 2015 spring production that will be announced on December 15th, I realized that I haven’t made any posts on the Copyright-Free Play Archive in a while.  Our focus in the coming years will be on building the community around the inherently interdisciplinary art form of theatre, … Continue reading

BACCHUS Wonderbar

Bacchanalia 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Bacchanalia 2014 New Play Readings, an exciting new annual tradition! I want to extend a huge and special thanks to Underground Wonder Bar for hosting us on short notice and saving this production after our initial venue welched and left us without a space.  More on … Continue reading

Trojan war

The Trojan War (2013)

Let me begin this postmortem by saying that I am incredibly proud of our final production of 2013: The Trojan War.  The idea of creating a comprehensive account of this mythic conflict has been with me for years, ever since I read Homer’s Iliad in high school and realized that the Trojan Horse, the most … Continue reading


Taming of the Shrew (2013)

Please allow me to begin this entry by thanking an Anonymous donor for the amount of $250, which more than doubled our humble budget for this production, and made many more elements in costume and props possible.  Specifically, the gimp mask that Petruchio brazenly wears during the wedding scene, “shame to your estate, an eyesore … Continue reading

Blunt Objects red

Our 2013 Season: All is Classic in Sex and War

In the winter of 2008, Tom Foran and I decided to embark on this journey together, to create the sort of art that we wanted to see more of.  That is to say, accessible, affordable theatre; shows that had the heart and rawness of a punk rock show, while maintaining the integrity that good and … Continue reading


The Kindly Ones (2012)

First off, I want to thank everyone who came out to support us this season, the fourth in our humble history as a theatre company and the most successful yet.  This has been an inspiring year for us, which has allowed us to increase the scale of shows that we produce, and also taught us … Continue reading

Akira Kurosawa's Ran

King Lear

This marks the end of an era, doesn’t it?  All of Shakespeare’s extant plays have been documented here, and soon I hope to move on to other copyright-free plays fit for production.  But now are the final thoughts on Shakespeare’s complete works, culminating in King Lear.  This is a complex and intriguing play, regarding the … Continue reading

"O" 2001


It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to contribute anything to this archive, so I’m happy to be back in that swing of things while life settles down for a bit.  Just two more Shakespeare plays to go before I move on to some contemporaries and examine their worth for a modern production.  … Continue reading

Pericles - BOT

Shakespeare, I Love You: Pericles (2012)

This was an amazing experience. By far the largest undertaking that B.O.T. has ever attempted, Shakespeare, I Love You is a multi-company production where the five acts of a Shakespeare play are given to five different theatre companies, each company is given complete artistic freedom over their assigned portion of the text, and then the … Continue reading


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