Blunt Objects Theatre

Thanks everyone for your patience while we retool the website for the coming year!

Blunt Objects Theatre is a loose collective of theatre artists who are dedicated to creating high-quality, low-cost theatre.  We believe that theatre remains a unique and relevant art form, and strive to explore the limits of its potential.  Our productions achieve this by focusing on a play’s text, leaving us unfettered by any one specific acting technique.

Our Mission: To create theatre that is relevant to our time and place.


There are three main features on this website now:

1) Naturally, information on the current season can be found above under the Current Season tab, with drop-down menus for the Online Program and any play that is Now Showing.

2) Past Productions also can be viewed in a gallery on the above tab, as well as post-mortem information in the blog archive.

3) Also available in the above tabs, and comprising the bulk of the archive, is the Copyright-Free Play Project – formerly known on this site as the Shakespeare-Act-A-Day Project.  Here, Managing Director Bohrs Hoff catalogues his thoughts on plays he has read, sometimes funny, sometimes vulgar, and mostly entertaining.  Begun as a personal attempt to read all of the Shakespeare canon, it has evolved into growing list of copyright-free plays that are worth revisiting (or, in the case of something like Henry VIII, not worth revisiting) by modern theatre companies.  In addition to expanding the number of plays that we can draw upon, Blunt Objects Theatre hopes that this Project will be a helpful resource for other companies looking to produce high-quality, low cost theatre.  At the very least, they’re amusing.

You can also Contact Us about information on previous, current, or upcoming shows.

Blunt Objects Theatre was founded in late 2008 by Tom Foran and Bohrs Hoff in response to the evolution of American theatre into an elitist art form.  Originally called “punk theatre,” their style was comparable to passionate musicians starting a band in the basement, and touring wherever there was an open space.  The idea is that theatre only requires an open space to fill with passionate performers and a willing audience, and the relationship between live performers and live audience in the same space is a unique experience to this art form.  So the first show in 2009 (Apocalypse Lost) toured in numerous venues, from basements, to community centers, and even a parking lot.  With stops in Hartford, Chicago, and Milwaukee, Foran and Hoff had proved that this approach to theatre was possible.  Constantly exploring and evolving, Blunt Objects Theatre is happy to be entering its 4th season.

Thanks for looking at our website!

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  1. Ali says:

    Great theatre company!

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