Our Current Season: Shakespeare, Sea Shanties, Greeks, and the Apocalypse

We are incredibly excited for 2012, our fourth season as a theatre company.  For our first three years as a company, we have only been able to produce one major production per season, plus the small-scale Mumming Plays.  This year, though, we are ambitiously sallying forth with THREE major productions, plus some other small-scale ventures.  All of this is part of our move away from the loose collective of artists and into a more solid entity.

Our first major undertaking is Shakespeare, I Love You: Pericles in Chicago this Spring: 5 acts, 5 companies, 1 Show.


Available online here, or cash only at the door.

$15 General Admission
$10 Students, Faculty, and Industry

Performances at the Den Theatre, 1333 N Milwaukee Ave.  Chicago, IL.
March 30, 7pm
March 31, 2pm
March 31, 7pm
April 1, 7pm

This is the first time we have ever attempted anything on such a scale, and so it is very exciting!  This is similar to the Secret Shakespeare event that Missoula Oblongata has been doing for the past few years.  One play by William Shakespeare is divided into its five acts, and then each act is assigned to a different theatre company.  APRIL 28, 29, 30 and 31, Blunt Objects Theatre will perform alongsid four other great performance groups to tell the fantastic story of Pericles, Prince of Tyre.  Shakespeare’s sweeping existential epic Pericles tells the story of a prince in pursuit of greatness.  From his romantic youth to bitter old age, these five different theatre companies will bring this astounding story to life.  Incest.  Murder.  Pirates.  It will be a fun time.  Each company has a distinct style, and together will create a unique and exciting theatrical experience!

In the Summer, BOT will premiere Pirate Johnny and the Irish Rover, a new musical featuring traditional sea shanties and folk songs.  From Barbara Allen to Fiddler’s Green, from John Brown’s Body to, of course, The Irish Rover, this stunning show with shadow puppetry and stirring song will invigorate young and old fans of the genre alike.  Set in a strange steampunk future, where America’s dependence on oil has forced industry to return to an age of wind power, Pirate Johnny and the Irish Rover tells of daring whalers seeking a better life.  Johnny, William, Nancy, and other popular names in folk music come to life in what is sure to become a new classic!

Finally, in time for the Halloween season, Blunt Objects Theatre presents a creepy adaptation of Aeschylus’ The Kindly Ones, more commonly known as The Eumenides.  The show’s legendary premiere in 458 BC caused a pregnant woman in the audience to miscarry and die.  In this Greek classic, Orestes has killed his mother, and the terrifying Furies have been awakened from their slumber to seek revenge on the woman’s behalf.  The gods intervene to save Orestes, creating Democracy in the process.  Will the trial of Orestes achieve the same result with a modern jury?

Tickets available HERE!

Plus, in this coming January, Blunt Objects Theatre Co-Founder and Artistic Director is organizing another Vaudeville Tour, this time running down the East Coast in January.  Folk-punk band ¿Fung Wah Bus? will be joining the madness, along with a puppet adaptation of the Ballad of Pious Pete, and more!  Vaudeville is a style that we have explored a number of times because it’s an easy type of show to engage in spontaneously, it’s engaging to a wide variety of audiences, plus it’s always fun to collaborate with a number of different artists in different mediums.

And then, of course, we will have our annual Mumming Plays!  Every year, we do a small bar-hopping play, going door to door.  In 2012, we plan to adapt the play a little differently so that we can get a larger group of barcrawlers to come along with us.  We will be exploring the dark and strange history of how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and encouraging the barcrawlers to come along in costume: Knights, Santas, Devils, a Lord of Misrule or a Grampus, even a Yule Goat for the Cubs fans, it will be a fantastic holiday celebration for the adult in all of us (sorry, under-21s).  We apologize for the lack of a phot0 reel for the 2011 Mumming Plays, but promise that it will be bigger and better than ever this year!  It all culminates on December 21, the Winter Solstice and the final date on the Mayan Calendar.

Happy New Year!


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