Bacchanalia! 2016: New Play Readings Festival

Blunt Objects Theatre is proud to return to New Orleans with Bacchanalia! 2016 at Mag’s 940 Elysian Fields on March 23 and 24, 7pm both nights! Tickets are $10 at the door, cash only. Come celebrate the arts with this exciting festival of dramatic readings for new plays, and tip your bartender.

The Bacchanalia is soon to be an annual tradition with Blunt Objects Theatre, celebrating new original works with the audiences they deserve while indulging in a healthy amount of libations. This year’s theme is “This is not the Future I Was Promised,” and we have selected some beautiful plays from across the country for the occasion.

World Line by Erin Lerch is a soulful coming-of-age story about a kid processing gender identity, the death of a parent, a prosthetic limb, college applications, and the lifelong dream of going to Mars.

What the Ladies Do by B.N. Reichenberger is an anachronistic period piece about three cousins struggling with the expectations of society and each other, culminating in violence that is like Jane Austen gone horribly awry.

Waterboard by Barry Eitel is about two torture operatives at an undisclosed location who must reconcile their own humanity with what it apparently meant to get an adult job.

The Revolution by Lia Romeo is set in an all-girls boarding school in Connecticut, where three girls who are not quite friends must figure out whether this is one of those slow zombie movies or if it’s one with the fast zombies.

The cast includes the talents of:
Tom Foran
Kendra Unique Wills
Lakesha Glover
Angela Odom
Kyle Vogel
Julie Dietz
Linnea Greg
Cheyenne Logan

Directed by Bohrs Hoff
Stage Managed by Michelle Moore



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