King Leopold (2017)

Thank you to everyone who came out for our WORLD PREMIERE of Mark Twain’s KING LEOPOLD at the lovely Mudlark Theatre in New Orleans!  We toured the show minimally in New England since then, and hope to revive this powerful piece soon.

Tom Foran during the preshow

In the intimate chambers of the Belgian King, who rules the very same Congo Free State where Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is set, Leopold defends his genocidal reign with a dry and sarcastic wit that only Mark Twain could write (though it is this uniquely American school of comedy that gave us the likes of Stephen Colbert).  Frightfully relevant to our times, exploring the relationship of a demagogue with the rest of humanity, the text was written as a pamphlet in 1905 in the style of a play but never produced.  Directed by Bohrs Hoff, starring Tom Foran, the one-man show was stage managed by company member Kendra Wills and received a review in the Gambit (which was an exciting boon for our humble punk troupe)!


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