Copyright-Free Play Project

The Copyright-Free Play Project is a growing archive of plays that are simply free of any royalties, and so can be performed by any theatre company or interested artist.  Not merely a list, but also a subjective analysis of each play that appears, the Project is written by the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Blunt Objects Theatre, Bohrs Hoff.  Sometimes funny, sometimes vulgar, usually entertaining, the Project is included on our website so that other theatre artists can use it as a resource for creating high-quality, low-cost theatre.  Or, you can just read it for your own amusement.  We’re not picky.

Currently, the Project is comprised of Shakespeare plays.  Slowly, it will expand to include the works of other authors from that era, and even the Greeks and Romans as time goes on.  Originally, these musings were a result of Hoff’s personal ambition to read an act of Shakespeare’s plays every day until he had read them all.  To keep things interesting, he wrote about his thoughts on each play as he completed it, referring to it as the Shakespeare Act A Day Project.  So if you go far back enough in the blog’s archive, that’s what he’s talking about.

If you’re like us, and you want to do low-cost, high-quality theatre, the Copyright-Free Play Project is a great resource to find material.

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