King Leopold (2017)

Thank you to everyone who came out for our WORLD PREMIERE of Mark Twain’s KING LEOPOLD at the lovely Mudlark Theatre in New Orleans!  We toured the show minimally in New England since then, and hope to revive this powerful piece soon. In the intimate chambers of the Belgian King, who rules the very same Congo Free … Continue reading

What the Ladies Do (2016)

To quote the jarring, violent final monologue of this brilliant play, “Thank you very much thank you very much thank you VERY much” to everyone who came out to this wildly successful show!  Imagine Jason Voorhees’ mom at age nine, processing social pressures and Jane Austen novels as she plays with her dollhouse: What the … Continue reading

Bacchanalia 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Bacchanalia 2014 New Play Readings, an exciting new annual tradition! I want to extend a huge and special thanks to Underground Wonder Bar for hosting us on short notice and saving this production after our initial venue welched and left us without a space.  More on … Continue reading

Our 2013 Season: All is Classic in Sex and War

In the winter of 2008, Tom Foran and I decided to embark on this journey together, to create the sort of art that we wanted to see more of.  That is to say, accessible, affordable theatre; shows that had the heart and rawness of a punk rock show, while maintaining the integrity that good and … Continue reading

Our Current Season: Shakespeare, Sea Shanties, Greeks, and the Apocalypse

We are incredibly excited for 2012, our fourth season as a theatre company.  For our first three years as a company, we have only been able to produce one major production per season, plus the small-scale Mumming Plays.  This year, though, we are ambitiously sallying forth with THREE major productions, plus some other small-scale ventures.  … Continue reading

Blunt Objects Theatre

Thanks everyone for your patience while we retool the website for the coming year! Blunt Objects Theatre is a loose collective of theatre artists who are dedicated to creating high-quality, low-cost theatre.  We believe that theatre remains a unique and relevant art form, and strive to explore the limits of its potential.  Our productions achieve … Continue reading